3 Ways To Build Employee Loyalty Within Your Teams

Stu Margetts
Jun 6, 2022

Do you struggle with employee retention? There’s nothing more disheartening when a valued member of the team leaves, especially if you’ve invested time and resources in them.

However, it is a fact of life that people do move on, but there are ways to build employee loyalty in your business to stop the revolving door and retain employees for longer, allowing you to benefit from their skills and expertise.

As a company owner, have you considered how your employees feel about their jobs and the business? Are they just going through the motions, or do they feel passionately about their role, what they do, and the organisation they work for?

Why Is Employee Loyalty Important?

Building a business filled with motivated employees creates solid foundations for success. Improving employee loyalty among your workers can boost employee retention, productivity, and engagement. Growth, a positive company mindset, and profits tend to follow as a natural progression.

If your employees are unhappy and unmotivated, that will often show as disloyalty to the company. This spreads to disharmony, bringing the morale of your organisation down and will result in your staff leaving for other opportunities.

But there are ways to avoid such a situation and, instead, build an organisation that people want to work for.

How To Build Employee Loyalty Within Your Team

There are different ways you can improve employee loyalty in any team within your business, but to know the right approach you’ll need to consider the people who will be impacted by those methods.

Everyone responds differently, so take the time to understand what your staff want from their job, management, and work-life in general. There are three big steps you can take to make sure employees feel valued and engaged at work, and all will go along way to improving employee loyalty.

#1 Utilise Staff Training To Increase Their Skills Growth Opportunities

Investing in training and development for your team is just that – an investment. It’s a win-win strategy, and one that will pay off. Not only will it build trust and employee loyalty within your teams, but it will also improve the skills and performance of everyone within the company.

If you try and keep employees locked into the same roles, without any development or progression opportunities, you are sure to lose them. Even if they do stay in the company, the likelihood is they’ll become more and more demotivated over time.

By having a training schedule in place that allows them to develop and grow, you will retain them for longer. Also, remember to keep training your senior employees so they don’t feel threatened by more junior members moving up the ranks and potentially threatening their job security.

#2 Listen To Employee Feedback And Concerns With An Open Door Policy

Everyone wants to feel listened to and heard. An unhappy employee will cause damage to the morale of the team and create discord if their issues are ignored. Put in place procedures that allow for concerns to be raised and dealt with in a timely and effective manner. This will break down barriers and create a supportive workplace culture, where employee feedback is seen positively.

Make managers and senior members of the team approachable. If an employee feels they are being listened to, they are less likely to spread their discontent to others in the team.

It is important to be as transparent as possible with any actions taken from employee feedback. Otherwise, staff will try to fill in the gaps and often make an issue worse than it needs to be.

Female construction worker

#3 Focus On Employee Appreciation For Good Work

If you want your employees to stay with you and remain loyal to your company, then it’s vital that you appreciate the good work they do. Take time and make an effort to celebrate good work. Employee appreciation and recognition will be well-received by everyone, and it will act as a great motivator to do more.

Create an employee retention scheme that rewards team members for a variety of major accomplishments to help build loyalty and encourage them to stay in a positive and engaging environment.

As rewarding employees is a great motivator, don’t just wait for year-end bonuses. Offering incentives for higher sales targets or great customer service will encourage employees to work well throughout the year.

Consider the types of reward available. Often offering them a choice of reward can be a great way of showing employee appreciation. Not everyone will want a financial award, for example, and having alternatives such as more holiday or greater flexibility might be better for some people.

Make a show of giving awards at conferences, team days and seminars, so that everyone is aware of their achievements and knows you care about employee appreciation.

How Can OurPeople Help With Employee Loyalty?

OurPeople can help you identify a clear strategy for building employee loyalty and improving employee retention. We recognise that improving staff loyalty is a must for a successful business. That is why we have multiple ways for you to create two-way communications with your teams, helping everyone stay connected and keeping them engaged with the business and their team.

When your staff are motivated and excited about their work, your business will flourish. Our team communication platforms allow this to happen, giving your employees opportunities to grow as individuals and leading to a happier, more productive, and more successful workforce. If you’d like to know more about how we can help, get in touch with our team now.

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