5 Inspirational Ways to Ensure Effective Communication for In-Home Care Teams

For anyone running an in-home care organisation it is vital they have a motivated and dedicated team of caregivers as they are responsible for providing high standards of care to vulnerable people.


Posted by: Stuart Margetts


So how can managers motivate their in-home care team, many of whom will be working remotely? One of the key ways is to keep all team members informed and to have regular and consistent communication with team members. Not having a physical shared workspace may lead to communication challenges. In this blog we look at five ways of ensuring company communications are maintained to keep your employees motivated and working to their full potential.

How Can Company Communications Reach Everyone

1. Invest in Internal Messaging Tools

To communicate efficiently, regularly and with varied formats you need to invest in the right communication platform. Currently you might be relying on email to communicate with your teams but often emails can pile up in in-boxes and they don’t get read. Admit it, none of us really want to increase the number of emails in our inbox.

Instead, a communication platform can send messages efficiently and quickly using automation and design tools. The more interesting a message looks, the more likely an employee will be to open it.

Communication platforms will also offer chat functions and feedback forms so communication channels can be kept open and utilised.

2. Show You’re Human in Your Communications

Working within the in-home care industry requires a level of compassion and a caring nature but don’t forget your employees need that from their managers too. In-home care can often involve stressful, intense situations with physically and emotionally demanding hours. If your business communications are dry, lack compassion and are void of emotion, they are likely to be disregarded.

Instead, think about how you can be empathetic when sending business communications. Business appropriate communications can still be emotive and compassionate.
Allowing employees to have an open dialogue with managers in a compassionate way will encourage employees to maintain communication channels and pay attention to messaging.

3. Check In Every Day

Working remotely or in shift patterns can mean employees feel they have a lack of business structure and connection to their wider team. If you were to ‘check-in’ every day with a ‘good morning’ message that also has some relevant reminders or motivational messaging, you will keep your team connected. Being able to target your communication to particular groups or individuals will also ensure that the message is relevant to them. This level of personalization will help team members feel important and understood.

Again, a good communication platform will help with templates for this sort of message, so it looks engaging and is easy to create every day. A uniformity in design will also help with consistency and a sense of continuity.

4. Build Camaraderie with Chat

Give your employees an opportunity to talk about non-work related things. In an office this would have traditionally been called the ‘water-cooler’ moments. These are still possible to achieve if you have a universally used chat function on a communications platform.

In-home care can be stressful at times, so giving your employees a place where they can communicate with each other and reduce stress will develop a happier workforce who are more open to communicating.

The more you get your employees to communicate in a variety of ways the more you will encourage the overall level of communication.

5. Empower Your Employees with Feedback Forms & Surveys

If you empower your employees to make decisions and take ownership of certain tasks, you will provide them with the motivation to engage with these opportunities. If you are willing to ask for their opinion on tasks, targets and goals you will gain valuable business insights whilst also gaining their engagement.

One way to do this is to send them feedback forms and surveys.A good communication platform will have templates to create these and will provide data on open rates and evaluate responses, providing the opportunity for further learnings and development. By supporting your employees with these forms you will be showing them how much they are valued.

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