How The Right Communication Tools Can Help Managers Create A Good Workplace Culture

Stu Margetts
Nov 19, 2021

Having a happier, more engaged workforce benefits the business but also improves company culture, reassuring employees that they have the network of support they need and a positive environment in which to thrive. The right communication tools play a huge part in this, so using the right digital tools is important.

Regular meetings, check-ins with teams, and one-on-ones with team members should be a priority for all managers at this time. Team meetings, both in person and digitally, ensure teams have up-to-date information on company protocols, ongoing activity and collective goals. This stops anyone from feeling isolated and alone, which can have a big impact on morale and productivity. This can affect the workplace culture.

Fostering an atmosphere of mutual understanding and support is vital for company culture and improves employee retention in the long run.

How Does Team Communication Help With Workplace Culture?

Using the right digital tools can help make communication simpler and more effective at the same time. This goes beyond being able to communicate with your team, and other teams in the business, but functions such as linking meetings to calendars can help streamline schedules. If the communication tool also provides a platform for follow-ups where needed, it becomes more valuable and allows you to keep functions and processes in one place, making it easier for everyone to work together.

There are other parts to this, though, and allowing team members to communicate effectively both helps meet targets and goals while providing some social contact, which helps your staff bond. With these relationships in a good place, employees are going to feel better about being in work, in whatever format they have contact.

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Team Meetings

Team meetings are a vital opportunity for managers to provide updates and receive feedback at the same time. While in-person meetings have their advantages, being able to hold these through internal communication tools means that they can be arranged regardless of where people in the team are.

Video and audio calls are more popular than ever, and are part of the new normal for businesses who want the best staff regardless of where they are, or for when teams are working from multiple locations.


While team meetings are a great way to make sure everyone in the team has a chance to interact together, one-to-one meetings are incredibly valuable for looking after your team’s welfare. In some situations, some people may not feel comfortable discussing certain issues in front of others, and being able to have those conversations privately can help you come to resolutions faster.

Having this opportunity makes your team members feel valued and that they are able to talk to you at any time. The right communication tool helps make this easier.

Checking In With Your Team

Team meetings and one-to-ones are great ways to keep you connected with your team, and they accomplish different goals, but you should ensure there are opportunities for check-in with your team at other times.

This is where you can make sure your employees are doing well, taking an interest in their mental health and wellbeing. While not strictly work-related, when someone isn’t feeling great, it can affect their performance. Those opportunities help make your team members feel valued and cared for, which makes them want to be at work.

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What The Right Digital Tools Can Do

With the right digital tools, you can do more than communicate with your team in meetings or individually. Different tools for the workplace come with different features, and understanding what you need and how they can help your team and business will determine which is the right one for you.

When choosing a digital tool for your business, your goal should be to make things easier for your teams and employees while improving business efficiency. This is the best outcome for both the employees and organisation, no matter what you need to do.

Two-Way Communication

Team communication isn’t just a way for you to talk to your employees and teams, but for them to be able to speak to you, too. You can send messages and organise meetings as needed, which means that whether it’s an update someone needs, getting advice on a potential problem or discussing a solution to a situation, you can make sure everyone knows what they need to do their work.

With the right platform, you can also send more than just messages. File sharing means anyone can access the documents or resources they need, and share them with the people who need them, which benefits managers and staff.

Gathering Data

Using forms, you can collect information on a range of topics that can be vital to the success of your business. Frontline teams especially can benefit from using these to collect data that managers use to inform business decisions and improve processes and resource allocation.

This can help track tasks or responsibilities on a shift, as well as log any issues or situations encountered that need to be addressed. By having these on the same platform used for other team communications, you make it easier and more likely that staff will use the feature.

Collecting Feedback

Whether at home or in the office, another great way to set the precedent for regular feedback is by using short digital questionnaires, where employees can provide specific, real-time feedback on work processes. A concise survey can help identify and highlight any areas of the business causing blockages, or any procedures that might need tweaking to make them as seamless as possible for teams at home or in the office.

Doing this with the same tool that handles your communications is a great way to keep everything in one place, making it easier for teams to complete the surveys when you need them.

The Right Communication Tool For Your Team

When looking for a good internal communication tool, it’s important to consider how it will be used by all employees in your organisation. Simplifying processes and keeping everything together makes it easier for your staff, which encourages them to use all of the features available to them through the platform.

With OurPeople, our communication tool has features that help everyone stay connected, while allowing data to be collected, analytics to be studied and changes to be made to improve aspects of the business. If you’d like to know more, contact our team today and see what it can do for your organisation.

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