Mobile technologies make training on-the-go, easy

Stu Margetts
Dec 20, 2021
Our people engagement platform

Add to this the ongoing changes to staff and business protocol as the ongoing situation with the pandemic changes, training teams and checking in on their progress can become increasingly time consuming for management.

Platform based communication technologies like OurPeople not only provide a streamlined messaging service for staff, but can act as a centralised database to store training materials.

As deskless roles often require being out and about on shift for most of the working day, being able to access this information wherever a team member might be is vital, and the ability to consume this information in varying formats that best suit their needs will increase employee engagement with the content.

Video updates have seen a huge rise in popularity over the pandemic with the added ability to demonstrate health and safety changes visually, as well as being instantly produced and circulated through mobile technologies. OurPeople’s engagement rates are reflective of this trend, with 98% opting for this kind of communication.

Regular short, precise quizzes can test the knowledge of individuals and provide instant feedback to managers, allowing team members to tailor their training to what they need, and can help flag any knowledge gaps before they become an issue.

By utilising tools in this way, training can become a regular part of team onboarding and processes, ensuring managers know exactly who has and hasn’t received certain training and anticipate any issues ahead of time – without taking up too much of their day.

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