Do you really know which staff are engaging with your content?

Jul 13, 2018

Communication in the workplace today consists of Corporate Email, Point of Sale, Company Newsletters, Intranets and DIY Internal Comms. In some cases these methods do have their place, but for the non-desk workforce these methods can sometimes allow for vital information to be missed, and with any of these it’s hard to track and report on.

Ensuring you’re staying on brand, keeping your employees engaged and making sure your whole workforce is connected is a hard enough job as it is, so when you’re not using the right tools this can sometimes feel impossible. From Deloittes mobile consumer survey 2017, the results have found we live in a world where 93% of 18–44 year olds own a smartphone, with the average user spending up to 2 hours a day on their device. So why aren’t we utilising the technology of today in the workplace?

If your open rates on emails are low, and you’re still emailing out newsletters for them to just be missed (we’ve all done it). It’s time for change and for you to finally have concrete stats on who has opened, who has read, who has completed and the time it was done, with the content you’re sending out. So to help you break out of your current processes and to finally have concrete stats on your employee engagement strategy, you must see the results OurPeople will bring to you below.

1. Know your communication has been seen

From within the OurPeople Console, Management can instantly view which content has been seen by Team Members. It is also possible to view when a Team Member interacts with a piece of content, “marking as read” or responding.

2. Track individual responses

View responses from an individual member of the Team. For example, a request for their availability, capturing their feedback or asking them to sign for an important piece of information. Even drill down into specific job titles and skills to give you a bigger overview on who is engaging with your content.

3. View responses from the entire Team

Capture data from a wider group of staff. Using our feature Tags, information can be Broadcast to a specific group of staff who respond. Cover shifts in seconds using the Cover Card, and view who is available. No more missed shifts or classes.

4. View every interaction

With the OurPeople Platform, it is possible to view a full log of team member interactions. From tracking when a Team member accepts their invitation to join, right through to their last login.

5. Export and share

All data can be exported from the OurPeople Console into multiple formats including PDF, Word, CSV, JSON, HTML, or XML formats — or shared via API.

OurPeople is a new groundbreaking staff engagement platform that is helping businesses worldwide. With some workforces who don’t have access to corporate email systems or computers, companies around the globe need the ability to communicate and collaborate with their hourly staff. OurPeople is solving this problem by providing a full mobile technology suite which includes Communications, Engagement, Compliance and Testing in one simple to use platform. Click here to view the video.

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