Internal Communications Conference – Communicating with a Diverse Deskless Workforce

Sep 12, 2019

The working world is evolving. There were always jobs that didn’t entail being chained to a computer, but now, more than ever, businesses boast a huge variety of working environments for their staff – particularly so for customer-facing industries.

Workforces are now flexible working, rota shifts and based in numerous different locations. They’re often client-based, not computer-based. Deskless jobs have become part-of-the-norm – and have torn a gaping hole in the internal communication strategy of many businesses.

There seemed to be no universal way of keeping lines of communication with remote staff open. Email assumes access to a computer. Memos require some level of office attendance. WhatsApp means either everyone gets the message or no-one does. Technology just hadn’t caught up with the new, important challenges of day-to-day business communication. Until now.

At the Internal Communications Conference on September 17th OurPeople will explore how it helped Virgin Active redefine its communication strategy, plugging it back into over 3,000 employees working across the UK with different roles – and different needs. This powerful communication solution not only keeps their brand values embedded at the heart of the employee from day one, it improves collaboration and provides its 185,000 members with a better customer experience.

Working from inside-out, only once an internal workforce feels involved, engaged with and empowered can a business truly thrive. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to introduce you to the technology that provides the solution and hope to see some of you on September 17th.

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