OurPeople vs WhatsApp A Safer and More Inclusive Business Communication Platform

Effective communication is crucial for any successful business operation, and choosing the right platform can make a significant impact on productivity, inclusivity and legal compliance.


Posted by: Stuart Margetts

In recent years, WhatsApp has become a popular tool for business communication, but its usage has come under scrutiny due to concerns related to privacy, discrimination and the platform's intended purpose.

In this article, we will explore why OurPeople, a specialised communication platform, emerges as a superior option for businesses compared to WhatsApp.

The Pitfalls of Using WhatsApp for Business

A recent article by the Daily Mail shed light on the potential legal implications of using WhatsApp for business communication. The piece, titled Leaving colleagues out of WhatsApp group chats can be discrimination, discusses how employees who are excluded from work-related group chats on WhatsApp might have grounds for discrimination claims. WhatsApp was designed as a personal messaging app, and its use in a professional context raises concerns about privacy, data security and inclusivity.

The OurPeople Advantage

OurPeople is a dedicated communication platform tailored to the specific needs of businesses. Here are some key features that make OurPeople a superior choice over WhatsApp for professional communication:

# 1 Chat Functionality:

OurPeople offers a robust chat feature designed for seamless business communication. Unlike WhatsApp, which blurs the lines between personal and professional conversations, OurPeople keeps work-related discussions focused and organised. This ensures that employees can communicate efficiently without the risk of accidentally mixing personal and business matters.

#2 Broadcast Function:

The Broadcast function in OurPeople allows businesses to send messages to a large group of employees simultaneously. This ensures that important announcements, updates and information reach all relevant team members without the risk of exclusion or oversight.

#3 Tagging Feature:

OurPeople's tagging feature enables users to direct messages to specific individuals or groups. This targeted communication ensures that no one is left out, promoting a more inclusive and collaborative work environment. This stands in stark contrast to WhatsApp, where individuals may easily be overlooked in busy group chats.

#4 Snooze Function:

In the event that an employee is on vacation or sick leave, OurPeople's snooze function allows them to temporarily mute notifications. This ensures that individuals can take the necessary time off without being bombarded by messages, promoting a healthier work-life balance.

#5 Legal Compliance:

OurPeople is designed with businesses in mind, offering a communication solution that aligns with legal and regulatory standards. Using a dedicated business communication platform helps companies avoid potential pitfalls associated with using personal messaging apps like WhatsApp for professional purposes.

While WhatsApp has become a widely used tool for personal communication, its use in a professional setting presents various challenges and risks. OurPeople stands out as a dedicated business communication platform, offering features that enhance productivity, inclusivity and legal compliance.

As the Daily Mail article suggests, businesses need to be cautious about the potential discrimination cases that may arise from using WhatsApp for work-related communication. Making the switch to OurPeople ensures a more secure, organised and inclusive communication environment for businesses of all sizes.