Streamlining Retail Operations During the Holiday Chaos with OurPeople

The holiday season in the retail industry is often characterised by increased foot traffic, more demand for online support, last-minute callouts, major price or product changes and a myriad of other challenges that can contribute to chaos.


Posted by: Sammy Mills

However, with the right communication platform, such as OurPeople, retailers can transform the way they manage and navigate through the holiday hustle.

In this article, we explore how OurPeople's versatile features can be leveraged to address common holiday challenges in the retail sector.

1.  Last-Minute Callouts/No Shows - Send a Cover Card Blast with OurPeople:

One of the most significant challenges during the holiday season is managing last-minute callouts or no-shows, which can disrupt scheduling and impact customer service.
OurPeople provides a solution through its Cover Card feature. Managers can quickly send out cover card blasts, notifying available staff about open shifts. This ensures that the necessary staffing levels are maintained, preventing disruptions and ensuring a seamless customer experience.

2.  Major Price or Product Changes, Incorrect Ad Notices - Send Broadcasts:

The holiday season often brings about major price or product changes and ensuring that all employees are informed is crucial to maintaining consistency in customer interactions. OurPeople's Broadcast feature allows managers to send out mass messages instantly. This ensures that every team member is promptly informed about any updates, preventing misinformation and ensuring a unified customer experience. Managers can also see exactly who has read the Broadcasts so they can retarget any employees who have missed messages.

3.  Culture - Holiday Parties and Events - Send Group Messages:

Maintaining a positive and festive culture during the holidays is essential for both employee morale and customer satisfaction. OurPeople's group messaging feature enables managers to easily communicate information about holiday parties and events. This fosters a sense of community and engagement among employees, contributing to a more positive and enjoyable working environment.

4.  Sales - Sales Results and Contests - Keep Employees Engaged:

To keep employees motivated and engaged during the busy holiday season, it's important to share sales results and organise contests. OurPeople facilitates this through its communication platform, allowing managers to keep their teams informed about performance metrics and upcoming contests. Recognising and rewarding employees for their hard work contributes to a positive atmosphere and encourages teamwork.

5.  Black Friday & Cyber Monday Chat Groups - Keep Everyone Up to Date:

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are a critical days for retailers, and effective communication is key to success. OurPeople allows the creation of dedicated chat groups, such as a Black Friday Chat Group, where real-time updates and important information can be shared instantly. This ensures that everyone is on the same page and can respond promptly to any challenges or changes in strategy.

6.  Share the Latest Holiday Ad Flyers on Files - Keep Everyone Informed:

To ensure that all employees have access to the latest holiday ad flyers and promotional materials, OurPeople's Files feature comes in handy. Managers can upload and share documents, ensuring that everyone has easy access to the most up-to-date information. This helps maintain consistency in messaging and promotions across the entire team.

In the fast-paced world of retail during the holiday season, effective communication is crucial for success. OurPeople's versatile platform offers a comprehensive solution to streamline operations, enhance employee engagement and ensure that everyone is well-informed. By leveraging features such as Cover Card Blasts, Broadcasts, Group Messages, Files and dedicated chat groups, retailers can navigate the holiday chaos with ease, providing a positive experience for both employees and customers.