Why a Staff Intranet doesn’t work for the Leisure Industry

Adam Neveu
Jan 25, 2021

Intranets have been around for more than thirty years, and love them or hate them, they have drastically helped to move internal communication forward during this time. They served a purpose for organisations in a time where technology was emerging and improving, but they haven’t kept up with the evolving needs and demands of business.

Big and bulky desktops were rooted to a single location, which made them harder to access for busy frontline teams who had little time between tasks or customer interactions. Staff intranets have also not kept up, for the most part, with the needs of mobile users, and this makes team communication much more difficult.

The leisure industry is just one example where a staff intranet doesn’t work as well as it other communication platforms, especially those that are more flexible in how they are used and accessed.

Why Does The Leisure Industry Need A Good Communication Platform?

Frontline teams in the leisure industry are always on the go. Whether it’s working with customers to help them have the best experience, reach their goals, or sell products and services that they need, most of their time will be spent with customers. That’s how it should be – after all, that’s where your revenue comes from. It’s also what they most likely enjoy doing.

A good communication platform should be easy for staff to access and use wherever they are, and on a range of devices. This removes the need to return to a specific location to check for messages or find resources essential to completing their tasks and work.

With frontline teams working from different locations, whether that’s in an area or across the country, a single communication tool that keeps everyone connected makes everyone’s jobs that much easier.

What Are The Barriers To Effective Communication?

As technology has progressed, and with over 70% of UK adults now owning a smartphone, it is becoming more and more apparent that the staff intranets are becoming out-dated. With this in mind, you have the opportunity to bring a more flexible and versatile tool to your business that helps frontline teams in the leisure industry – and many others – become more efficient.

Identify the barriers to effective communication early, before choosing a communication platform, and you will understand what you need to address for your staff to be better connected. Each tool has different features that can help overcome a specific problem, whether its targeted messaging, shift management, analytics, or something else. Some platforms do more of this than others.

Here are 3 reasons why you should consider rethinking using a staff intranet as your main team communication tool:

Fitness Team Mobile

#1 Access To A Good Communication Platform

Just like corporate email, the majority of the leisure industry’s workforce won’t have access to a company computer on a regular basis. Therefore a huge amount of communication is missed by the team on any given day. When messages or updates are time sensitive, this can have huge consequences on day-to-day operations and other staff.

A good communication platform solves this issue by providing easy access on a range of mobile devices and desktop computers, so no matter what device staff use, they’ll be connected and well-informed. The advantage of this is allowing staff to use their own devices, which they use daily anyway, as they are more likely to check these than a computer not conveniently located.

#2 Out-Dated Content

Many companies will have had their intranet in place for several years, meaning a huge proportion of the data will be out of date. Team members are then forced to sift through pages of irrelevant and out-dated information to find the information they need, which is a waste of time and likely to stop them from using the system in the future.

The right communication software can help make this simple. Use the tag or sort feature to make sure every file, function or feature is accessible by the staff that need them. This makes it easier for them to find what they’re looking for, and avoids endless scrolling or searching.

#3 Irrelevant Communication Technology

As the world moves further towards instant communication and messaging, it is becoming more apparent that the entire premise of an intranet is wrong. Team members expect relevant information to be instantly available on their smartphone or tablet. Most traditional intranets do not offer this as an option rendering them useless to a huge number of workers.

While it’s important to acknowledge how important an intranet has been, equally important is not letting this communication technology hold your staff and business back from being as successful as possible. A communication app can resolve this, offering more flexibility and up-to-date user mechanics and functions.

Why Is Effective Communication Important?

Effective communication is important on team and wider business levels. In a team, knowing what each member of staff is doing, situations they’ve encountered, or the solutions they can offer, can all improve customer experiences and achieve any targets that have been set.

For the business, keeping staff connected means management can be sure everyone is operating from the same page, having received the most recent updates and relevant information, as well as making sure staff have access to the right resources or features.

This can be with forms to gather data, files to complete or share with customers, or just being able to ask for help and get a response quickly. Whatever the situation, effective communication can help everyone find the best solution.

How Can This Help The Leisure Industry?

In the leisure industry, your staff will be on the go most of the time, so making sure they can access a communication tool, like OurPeople, wherever they are makes sure you can get in touch with them at any time. Information can be submitted through the platform, whether that’s feedback, customer data, or an update on a situation.

With devices in hand, employee engagement and app use is going to be higher. Returning to a computer every time isn’t practical, and a lot can happen in between each use, with some details being forgotten. This represents the most accurate way to keep track of sales, costs, questions and more, as it can be handled right away.

Our people engagement platform

Learn More About How OurPeople Can Help Team Communication

OurPeople is a team communication tool designed specifically for the leisure industry, aimed at workforces, which do not work from a computer on a regular basis. Our goal is to create a platform for easy and simple team communication, so everyone can be made aware of updates, stay connected and access the resources they need no matter where they are or what they’re doing.

With frontline teams in the leisure industry being busier than ever, making it simple for staff to check their messages and keep in touch with other teams matters. Ease of use and simplicity will help drive engagement rates across the business, and you can also check to see how content is interacted with to make better decisions. Are you interested in finding out more?

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