The smart way to quickly cover open shifts

Manage shift swaps and cover via the OurPeople App and Console from start to finish. Track, report and export.

Open Shifts covered at the touch of a button

Quickly and effotlessly cover shifts from the OurPeople mobile app or Console. Using the Open Shifts feature, Managers or the employee can broadcast out Open Shifts to anyone who is qualified.

Instant Notification

Qualified Team Members are instantly notified of the Open Shift and can volunteer to cover the shift at the tap of a button. Dependant on configuration either the Manager or the employee that raised the shift cover is notified and can even choose the Team Member to cover.

Simple Reporting

Using workplace analytics, Managers can quickly see how many shifts are open and which shifts still need cover. Data can be exported into simple Excel or into other systems if needed via the OurPeople API.