Covering Shifts

The OurPeople platform makes shift management easy, so you can ensure every shift has the right staff scheduled to work while tracking any swaps.

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Shift management can refer to a single shift, a number of shifts over a period of time, or all of the shifts you have scheduled – even those not planned yet. From tasks to complete, targets to meet, staff to work, and more, there are a lot of factors to consider. Doing this all in one place can make it easier to plan any shift and ensure the right staff are in place to complete it.

OurPeople not only handles team communications, but it also provides open shift management features that make it easy to schedule your shifts. You can use the staff and team lists already in place to determine who should work, when they should work and where if there are multiple locations or roles to fill.

The OurPeople platform also makes it simple for staff to arrange shift swaps when required, and keeps a record so that management and both employees can see the change and know when they’re expected to work. In situations where cover is needed, this can be broadcast to suitable and qualified employees using the tag feature, allowing anyone to see the opportunity to work on their device. Not being restricted to a single device or location increases the chances of the shift being covered.

Shift Swaps Are Easier Than Ever

There are times when circumstances change and your staff may need to get their shift covered or swapped. Verbal agreements or pieces of paper can lead to problems if they’re misplaced or forgotten about, but OurPeople make the process simple. Shift swaps are handled within the platform, so there is a clear record of whose shift it is and who is taking it. This can be seen in the reports, so any issues can be addressed swiftly.

Covering Shifts With Confidence

There will be times where swaps aren’t an option and covering shifts become a priority. With the open shifts feature, you can broadcast an available work opportunity to anyone suitable to take it by using the tag feature. Even if something is agreed in person, it can be confirmed on OurPeople so there is a record of the cover, while an employee responding on the platform will send a notification to the manager who asked for cover. This makes sure everyone knows the situation in real time.

Shift Management With Full Reports

OurPeople offers a full range of shift management tools and features, and you can use the workplace analytics to get data on a shift, shifts over a period of time, and much more to determine if there are any changes you need to make. This might mean more accurate messages, re-allocating resources or bringing in extra team members among other solutions, but being data led means you have a reference point. This data can be exported in spreadsheet programs or into other systems with the OurPeople API.