Employee Engagement

OurPeople uses mobile-first technology for employee engagement, with frontline teams benefiting greatly without needing email or computer access.

Employee Engagement with OurPeople App, no email required.
OurPeople drives employee engagement in fitness studio
Drive employee engagement with remote teams
Drive employee engagement with OurPeople, stay connected without email or desktop.

Employee engagement can take many forms, and finding a solution that allows you to reach the people you need in a timely and efficient manner is a headache for every organisation. Communicating with a team can be done in different ways, but knowing who has seen the message, or acted upon the information, is a bigger challenge and one that OurPeople has focused on in delivering our solution.

With an employee engagement platform that is easy to use for everyone, it’s never been easier to contact and communicate the information your team needs to complete their shifts and tasks. From the tag system that makes team engagement simple through to the content builder that allows you to tailor the messages sent for maximum impact, there are a range of features to encourage staff engagement with OurPeople.

The flexibility offered by our solution means that any team can benefit, as the messages can include different types of content, such as text, image, video, and more, allowing you to focus on what the recipient responds best to. Any kind of people engagement depends on the action you want to be taken once the message is read. There’s no silver bullet, but using the analytics reports in OurPeople can help you identify what kind of content gets the best employee engagement, which lets you send more useful messages.

An Employee Engagement Platform With Everything You Need

Unlike email or intranet solutions, OurPeople reaches absolutely every single worker using the device that they use every single day – their smartphone. This means, with a single dedicated employee engagement platform, you can communicate with every team member you need to easily. This means you can provide any team with access to important files and documents as well as allowing them to communicate with colleagues as needed. All of this is to help your teams perform better and more effectively on every shift.

New Tactics For Employee Engagement

Thinking back to how you managed employee engagement in the past, there will have been things you wanted to do differently but weren’t able to, whether because of time or because it was too complicated to do. With OurPeople, this isn’t a problem.

Content can be created for a range of reasons, such as sending updates, changes to processes, seeking feedback, and collecting data, with cards and stacks designed to catch a team’s attention. You can share files, too, as well as sending surveys to specific teams that can gather a range of data. You can then see the results in real time as responses are sent back, which lets you make quick decisions based on what is being relayed to you.

Understanding Staff Engagement

Every platform offers features to make it easier to use, but not all solutions include everything in one place. Going to different apps or websites to get reports and analytics data, for example, is adding barriers that businesses don’t need. That’s why we provide everything in one place, no matter how or where it’s accessed from, so you can focus on employee engagement.