Employee Engagement Solution for Frontline Teams

OurPeople uses mobile first technology to engage frontline teams. No email or computer access required to drive engagement in the workplace.

Employee Engagement with OurPeople App, no email required.
OurPeople drives employee engagement in fitness studio
Drive employee engagement with remote teams
Drive employee engagement with OurPeople, stay connected without email or desktop.

Reach every Team Member

Unlike email or intranet solutions, OurPeople reaches absolutely every single worker using the device that they use every single day – their smartphone. Provide the team with access to important files and documents. Allow them to communicate with colleagues and celebrate success.

Simple Team Surveys

Simple surveys can be sent to Team Members via the OurPeople App. They can be as basic as a request for a single rating (“How was your day? Please rate out for 5 stars”), through to more complex request for information including multiple choice questions and allowing team members to enter comments. Get employee feedback, drive employee engagement and get real-time results!

Keeping your finger on the pulse

Surveys can be ad hoc or scheduled on a regular basis, fed back into a single report. Sending shorter surveys on a regular basis can enable a much clearer picture on what is happening within the company over a longer period of time. All data sent out in the survey is compiled back into a single report that can be exported as required.