OurPeople NOW

Communicate critical information to your remote teams without the chatter

  • Instant, measurable mass team communication
  • Real time reporting on delivery and readership
  • Fast account set up. No minimum contract
  • No set up fee or training required

Instant Communication

Deliver urgent messages to your entire team in real time. Messages are delivered to the OurPeople App via cards.

Know they know

Via the App or web console, report on who has seen the message along with their response (if any). No more hoping vital information has been seen by the right team members, now you know for sure.

So much more than messaging

Share Files with your entire Team. Put vital information right in their pocket.

Get feedback from everyone. Automatically returned into a single report.

Entire OurPeople platform GDPR compliant and fully within company control.

Use SMS to ensure you reach everyone

To ensure every member of your team is notified when new content is shared. You have the option to send a prompt via SMS to any members of your team that haven’t used the app recently. SMS credits are included within your plan and push notifications for active users are free.

Faster setup so you can communicate instantly

Fill out your details

Complete our Get Started form and we’ll call you ASAP.

User upload

We’ll import your team and build your account.

Instant communication

Instantly communicate with your entire team. Know that your message has been seen.


OurPeople helps you reach every single team member. Specifically those that dont work from a desk.

OurPeople Now

Pricing from $1 per person per month
  • Instantly communicate with everyone via push notification or SMS

  • Share files and important documents

  • Read receipts and reporting

  • Fast account setup

  • No training required

Most popular

OurPeople Pro

CUSTOM Get in touch
  • All features in OurPeople Now

  • Use tags to send comms to unlimited groups and locations

  • Video sharing

  • Secure business chat

  • File storage

  • Team surveys & polls

  • Team knowledge & testing

  • Shift cover

  • Team training & management

  • Dedicated Account Manager

  • Custom app white labelling

  • Volume pricing

We appreciate that your team may not fit our pricing categories. So choose the package that most closely fits your organisation. It will give you room to grow. You are always welcome to switch to another plan.
No. There are no setup fees or contracts with us. Cancel anytime.
The OurPeople Now service does not require training and is designed to scale quickly. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.
Yes, OurPeople Pro offers huge capabilities to send to different groups. Get in touch for a demo.
We offer the following packages: 500 / 1,000 / 2,000 / 3,000 / 5,000 and 10,000. You'll get a bundle included within your account and you can top up at a later stage if needed.
Yes, get in touch via the Get a Demo Form.