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Boosting Engagement, Streamlining Efficiency: Cornerstone Clubs' Success with OurPeople for Cross-Club Communication


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Cornerstone Clubs, an award-winning network of three health and fitness facilities in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, is home to over 300 staff members. The brand sought to improve communication among team members across its multiple sites, aiming to engage employees more effectively, promote cross-club communication, and optimize the utilization of internal skills for substitute requests and cover.


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The traditional methods of communication, such as emails, text messages, and phone calls, proved inefficient as staff members were often occupied with member services and lacked immediate access to computers. With unique facilities and personnel for similar roles across clubs, the need for a streamlined communication system became crucial. The challenge was to establish a more efficient, quick, and accessible method for cross-club communication.


Cornerstone Clubs discovered the OurPeople app at IHRSA in 2018. Recognizing the benefits of a smartphone-driven management solution tailored to the fitness industry's challenges, they decided to integrate it into their communication strategy. The app's adaptability, security features, and the ability to chat with specific teams or individuals made it an ideal solution. Customizations included listing all 300 employees across sites and showcasing their profiles with location, job title, and skill sets.


After the November 2018 installation, Cornerstone Clubs worked closely with the OurPeople team to refine and maximize the app's usage. The implementation resulted in improved cross-club communication, with different departments connecting seamlessly throughout the day. The app proved instrumental in quickly and efficiently handling class coverage requests, and general communication.

The OurPeople app facilitated the creation of broadcasts with targeted messages to specific teams without overwhelming the entire company. Training, general communication, and even creative recruitment strategies were enhanced through broadcasts and chats. The app's user-friendly nature and quick response times significantly improved early and late-shift communication, resolving issues promptly.

Cornerstone Clubs plans to extend the app's use to various training sessions, further leveraging its capabilities. The app's success is attributed to its high response rate to cover requests, streamlined communication, and adaptability to diverse operational needs. Cornerstone Clubs values the partnership with OurPeople, emphasizing the app's crucial role in connecting with employees and enhancing member services.

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“It’s great to work with a company like OurPeople as they listen to our requests and what we need to do to make sure we are effectively communicating with our employees; we really feel as if they are working with us as a team, which is helping us connect with all of our employees and service our members better.”

Christene Garafola

Head of Human Resources