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Renys: Streamlining Employee Communication with OurPeople


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Renys, a retail chain with a large number of employees and multiple store locations, has faced significant challenges in employee communication. In the past they relied heavily on email communication to disseminate information, which often led to inefficiencies and lack of control over who received critical information. To address these issues, Renys implemented the OurPeople app, revolutionizing their communication approach and enhancing employee engagement.


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Challenges in Traditional Communication

Renys frequently sent emails containing pertinent information, such as daily business updates, employee benefits, and special sales. However, this approach led to email overload and a lack of control over who received and read these messages.

Printed emails were placed on tables in stores, leading to inconsistency in information dissemination. Not all employees had access to the information relevant to their roles, leading to inefficiencies.

Communicating critical information, such as cancellations or store closures, before employees left for work was challenging. The existing communication channels lacked the speed required for urgent messages.


Streamlining Communication

Renys discovered the OurPeople app through a sales outreach program and decided to adopt it to streamline communication. They recognized the need to adapt to the evolving workforce, which includes a wide range of ages and tech-savviness levels.


Roll-out and Adoption Challenges

The HR team at Renys has encountered resistance from some long-term employees who were not accustomed to using technology for work. However, new hires have been more receptive. To overcome any residual resistance, they are using ‘champion’ employees to promote the app's benefits to their colleagues, gradually winning over skeptics.


Key Benefits of Direct Communication

The HR team has found the Broadcast feature most useful for creating content like newsletters, and they appreciate the ease of importing content. This feature allows them to send marketing information and sales flyers directly to employees' phones.

OurPeople has also enabled HR to communicate directly with employees, eliminating the need to go through multiple management levels. This has been especially useful when there is a need to quickly inform employees about critical updates, such as cancellations or store closures, ensuring all employees receive this information before heading to work.

Specific departments have tailored the app to speak directly to store managers, allowing for more efficient and targeted communication.


Future Plans and Expansion

Renys is exploring additional ways to maximize the app's potential, including sending mandatory training session videos and increasing employee adoption. They recognize that effective communication is essential in the modern workforce.

They have successfully addressed their communication challenges with the implementation of the OurPeople app. By adopting modern technology and adapting to the needs of their diverse employee base, they have streamlined communication, enhanced engagement, and laid the foundation for continued growth in their evolving retail business.

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When asked if they would recommend OurPeople, they replied: “Yes, because we believe the concept can streamline a lot of processes. Every company is going to utilise it differently but given the way technology is going you have to cater to the people coming into the workforce. This is gold to them. Putting more information into the hands of employees— this is the quickest way to do it.” 

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