5 Ways Smart Forms Can Simplify Work Procedures

Imagine there is a way to make your company procedures [for your frontline team] more simple and straightforward, with data flowing seamlessly on tasks and with your teams being constantly kept up to date. Sound too good to be true?


Posted by: Sean Daley

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Well actually, it is possible and is easier to implement than you might think even if your team doesn’t operate with work emails and desktops.

If being agile, effective and having staff and managers who are more productive are at the top of your wish list, then you need to consider Smart Forms.

The OurPeople Smart Forms are digital forms that let you collect relevant information that can help inform your teams and employees and shape your business. These forms can be created easily with our form creator, meaning they can be sent out in minutes without an email and without a computer.

So, let’s take a deeper dive into how they can make work procedures more simple for the frontline and deskless workforce.

1. An Intuitive Form Builder Makes Creating Forms Simple

Sometimes you might know the information you want to receive but are a bit stuck on how to request this from your teams. We have an intuitive form builder that allows you to create an unlimited number of form combinations to create forms that are right for you.

Using our form builder tool, you can easily drag and drop fields from an extensive number of templates that cater for any business or situation.

This time-saving tool allows you to streamline your processes, saving you time as you collect the information that is critical to you.

It also cuts out the possibility of vital information being lost as it filters through management teams. If you have concerns that information isn’t being relayed by managers, you can create a comprehensive form that covers everything you need to communicate. The guesswork of ‘who knows what’ and ‘who will respond’ is eliminated.

2 . Engaging, Sharing & Giving Your Teams a Voice

Business run more smoothly when everyone is kept informed of relevant information and your teams have the chance to relay information effectively. As companies often run multiple offices or locations and can have employees working from home, it can be difficult to make sure the right information is conveyed at the right time. This is equally true when it comes to gathering information from employees.

Smart Forms take the guess work out of how to reach teams, share information and gather feedback. Their dynamic nature means you are in control of who has access to the Smart Form. This means that the information you receive back from a Smart Form is relevant and specific to the business decision you need to make.

3. Capture Valuable Data with Form Analytics

Smart Forms are dynamic. This means you can use the data they supply to make them more intuitive. By tracking who is submitting forms and responses you can identify which forms are used the most and how long it takes your employees to complete them.

All of this information helps you decide what you need and why. This information is powerful as you can make subsequent forms more relevant to the recipients.

Conversely, you can see who isn’t opening their forms with real-time analytics. This allows you to focus on anyone who seems resistant and find out why. Ultimately it takes the guesswork out of who you need to target to keep information flowing, allowing you to become more efficient in the process.

4. Onboard New Employees More Effectively

The more quickly a new team member can be brought into your organisation and assimilated into a team, the more productive they will be. But onboarding, especially if this is being done remotely, can be fraught with miscommunication and confusion.

This is where Smart Forms come in to streamline the whole process as they allow you to communicate directly with the new employee. You can use them to guide their training, creating bespoke forms that are dedicated to bringing the team member up to speed as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

This reduces the time it takes for them to be working consistently as they can access relevant information in the work instructions included in their Smart Forms. It also cuts down the time a manager will need to spend onboarding a new team member.

5. Guide Your Teams Remotely

Even when working remotely Smart Forms stop your teams from feeling remote. They give you the freedom to feel as though you have an experienced teammate guiding your teams through their tasks and responsibilities, wherever they may be located.

With hybrid working patterns continuing, teams are more disparate than ever before. Smart Forms cut down any feelings of distance and make remote management easier, allowing managers to give clear and concise information with immediate feedback. They help with job performance and employee engagement, as you stay connected to your teams.

Instantly you can combat some of the common challenges of hybrid teams including a lack of face-to-face supervision, a lack of access to information and social isolation.

Communication is paramount when working remotely and Smart Forms can remove any obstacles that allow your teams to complete their tasks, duties and responsibilities.

All in all, Smart Forms make your work procedures more simple by giving you the opportunity to engage your workers, collect valuable data, guide and train employees and distribute information in an intuitive and effective way.