Workplace Analytics

Gain valuable insight into communications across your business. Track everything from communication to open shifts or building defects with workplace analytics.

Making the right decisions for your business has never been easier with the comprehensive workplace analytics from OurPeople. The analytics tool collects data on everything from who sees the message to the actions recipients take. Collect information from surveys and employee feedback to gain more workplace insight and improve processes and resources for your staff, all of which is easily presented with data analytics tools. With the right business analytics, you can reach your goals and support your staff.

Analytics Tools Show You What’s Been Seen

With accurate workplace analytics that presents data in real-time, you can see how your content performs. This covers data such as views, engagements and any responses, so you can focus on types of content that is more relevant, even if that changes between staff and teams.

Using this knowledge, you can improve employee engagement and avoid wasting time on ineffective content or activities within the OurPeople platform. This makes your messages more relevant to target recipients.

Broadcast Statistics
Survey Results
People Stats Report

Build Custom Forms And Use Business Analytics To Study The Data

Managers can create Smart Forms to gather data in the OurPeople console. Track form submissions and responses, as well as who sees them but doesn’t respond so you can find ways to make the content more engaging to staff. Business analytics lets you easily identify the most used forms and average time to complete, as well as compiling the information in a digestible format for whatever you need to do with it.