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Flourish: Finding success with Forms for Daily Tasks, and keeping everyone informed


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Flourish at Glenavon Farm – a hospitality and retail business food hall and kitchen, with an additional home and lifestyle store





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Flourish, a hospitality and retail business located in Saltford has previously faced challenges in internal communication across its 64 employees spanning various departments and locations. Their reliance on WhatsApp groups proved inefficient for spreading information, leading to staff uncertainty about events and other important matters. This lack of clarity negatively impacted sales opportunities. Seeking a solution, Flourish discovered and implemented the OurPeople communications platform, which revolutionized their internal communication processes.


Flourish learned about the OurPeople platform through one of their managing directors, who came across it at a conference. The platform was rolled out within the company, with management receiving initial training followed by an onboarding process for all staff members.

Flourish has found the forms feature particularly useful for daily checks across departments, ensuring tasks like temperature checks and equipment inspections are now recorded efficiently. Additionally, the broadcast feature has enabled streamlined communication of important updates and events to all staff members.


Flourish's adoption of the OurPeople platform has addressed their internal communication challenges effectively, fostering better staff awareness, efficiency and eco-friendly practices. The success of the platform highlights its suitability for businesses seeking streamlined internal communication solutions.

Improved Communication: The OurPeople platform has facilitated better communication among staff, reducing ambiguity about events and activities.

Efficiency and Eco-Friendly Practices: The platform has streamlined processes, reducing reliance on paper-based communication and aligning with Flourish's ethos of sustainability.

Enhanced Staff Awareness: Regular broadcasts have improved staff awareness of events and updates, leading to increased engagement and better customer service.

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“OurPeople is a really easy tool for all members of staff, regardless of their role. It's a way of doing our daily checks and keeping everything in one place. We can communicate with staff easily, whether it's urgent messages or event invitations. It's a tool that everyone can use”.

Rosie Crocker

Marketing and Events Manager