Intranet Solutions

Connect every team and employee with intranet software regardless of desk, device or access to work emails.

Drive employee engagement with OurPeople, stay connected without email or desktop.
OurPeople drives employee engagement in fitness studio

With OurPeople, you have a platform for connecting everyone in your business with intranet software, letting team members communicate through any device and location. There’s no restriction to a desktop or laptop on a desk – they can use smartphones through an app or other interface, meaning no matter what they prefer to use, no one is missed out of any message.

Effective team communication contributes to any business’s success, and a flexible communication platform that lets you deliver messages to any number of employees or teams, as well as certain groups, offers the control you need to make any messages targeted to the audience, increasing the engagement you’ll see. You’ll also avoid bombarding employees with messages that aren’t relevant to them.

Intranet platforms offer every business a communication solution that suits their needs, and it’s not different with us. Different features, such as the content builder, file sharing, covering shifts, and more, combine with a range of ways to access OurPeople, making it a great tool for businesses looking to give their staff a range of ways to communicate. Whether it’s sending updates, delivering documents, or sending surveys that cover everything from staff wellbeing to shift or task progress, our platform handles it.

A Communication Platform For Every Team

The communication platform you choose has to be able to do everything you need, all in one place. OurPeople does that by offering a range of content types, from messages to videos to surveys, all of which can be tailored to their needs and will be delivered to their home screen. This means you know they will see the message, and you can also choose who receives each message, choosing from different teams, job roles or other categories you set.

Intranet Software That Can Be Accessed Anywhere

OurPeople is a piece of intranet software that can be accessed from anywhere, on different devices and through a number of portals to suit a user’s needs and preferences. With our file sharing function, you can make sure any team member has access to the resources and documents they need to complete their work no matter where they are or what device they’re using, which increases efficiency at all levels.

Effective Team Communication Through Tailored Content

With a range of ways to tailor your messages and content, you can make sure that the recipients are more likely to open and engage with what you said. Messages can be built with blocks for text, images and other media, and sent as cards that can be swiped, while our forms are a great way to collect data and make sure tasks are done. This can be gathering feedback or data on a topic or to indicate certain tasks or steps are completed. There are limitless possibilities for effective team communication with OurPeople.