One platform
for the entire Team

Our People connects everyone.
Not just staff who work behind a desk.

Simplify communication

Provide your Managers with a platform to reach every single employee on the device they use every single day. Relevant content that is both engaging and quick to read. Know important communications have been read.

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Streamline your checklists

Reduce paper by building checklists using the simple drag and drop tool. Share with relevant staff who conduct inspections via handheld device. View the reports and act on the results.

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Easy surveys & feedback

Create employee pulse surveys and gain insight into staff morale. Receive real time feedback from targeted groups of employees or the entire company. Allow staff to make suggestions and report using the Management Console.

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Provide new colleagues the welcome they deserve

Team Members are presented with modules dependant on their job role. Progress can be tracked by management and automated reminders are sent as required. At the end of each module, Team Members are quizzed and scored automatically

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Everything they need
to succeed

Make critical company information available to all relevant staff, anytime, anywhere. Upload company files, or add documents to Help Centre for staff to search for when required. Data access can be controlled by permissions.

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Report on everything

From understanding which Team Member has read a communication. To viewing staff feedback and onboarding progress, Our People Reports have you covered. Drill into specific details or browse the high level data.

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get started today…

If you can make a list or send an email, you can use Our People. Starting a team is really that simple.