Home Screen

A personalised feed for every employee. Send relevant and engaging content. Know that it has been seen.

The home screen is the first thing users see when they use OurPeople, and that means it has to be easy to use and deliver the most important messages and information in an instant. You can create a personalised home screen layout to make sure your staff see what they need to right away, making the interface easier to use. This encourages them to use it more often when needed. Whether it’s through the web or an app on a phone, home screen widgets make OurPeople a seamless experience.

Engage Every Employee From The Home Screen

Updates are delivered to teams and frontline employees via cards, which are content templates that allow management to send fast, engaging content. They can be text, images, video, and more – and they’re created through the content builder in a simple process to make sure you don’t spend all your time on them.

For those important messages and updates, you can deliver them straight to the recipient’s home screen, so they’re more likely to be seen and acted upon. This is a good way to improve engagement, so long as you don’t send every message in this way.

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