Shift Swaps And Schedules

Manage shift swaps and cover via the OurPeople app and console from start to finish. Track, report and export every shift schedule and swap.

Shift work ensures enough staff are working at the times you need staff on duty. At times, you’ll find shifts needing cover while shift swaps will also be requested by employees. No matter how good your work shift calendar is, life can be unpredictable and changes are sometimes needed. Keep your work schedule accurate and complete by managing everything in one place with OurPeople. This keeps your staff happy and your business running smoothly.

Shift Schedules In The App

Use OurPeople to deliver shift schedules quickly and effectively. No more calling or texting. Shift work can be managed from the OurPeople app and platform and sent to the relevant teams and staff. This is a clear and efficient delivery system, so that the schedule is on the device staff use every day.

Shift swaps and cover requests can also be sent to only qualified team members with the tag system, making sure the staff on shift at a certain time or location are suitable replacements.

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An Updated Work Shift Calendar

When changes are made to the work shift calendar, these updates and changes can be sent out straight away as an important update. This means everyone is made aware of the changes and there’s no confusion as to who should be working when.

When organising cover or a shift swap, choose if the shift should be allocated on a first come, first served basis, or have the manager choose. Confirmation is sent to both parties when agreed, and a reminder can be sent before the start of the shift.

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