Team Chat

All your business conversations in one place with team chat. It’s secure and handled in one place.

A communication platform like OurPeople is more than managers sending updates to their staff, but also allowing different teams to communicate effectively. This helps keep everyone in the loop, which is important when employees are in multiple locations. Group messaging can involve whole teams or individuals, making it a flexible feature that works for any business and industry. You can also rest assured we operate a secure team chat, so your data is protected.

Single Or Group Chats

Quickly chat to a single team member or create a group conversation with the whole team. You can also start a group chat with individuals involved in a project or process, to better streamline your team communication. This makes it easy to contact and speak to who you need to, whoever and wherever they are.

Team messages are a fantastic way to provide updates to the people who need to know it, while offering a way for participants to respond right away.

Smartphone and chat
Team Chat Modal
Employee Chat