Employee Recognition

Employees who feel valued and respected will go the extra mile everyday, and with OurPeople you can put them in the spotlight with employee recognition.

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Employee recognition and workplace culture go hand in hand together in creating a positive and supportive work environment. This is important as a bad environment will bring down morale and staff will be less engaged and willing to work at their best. There are some simple methods to showing your teams that you care, and with OurPeople, you can put them into place.

Celebrating success, for example, is a great way to show that not only do you see the effort your staff and teams put into each and every shift, but you appreciate what they’re doing. This form of workplace recognition can be done easily, using the specific content in messages to teams to thank them for their work, and to share their successes through the wider business. It’s engaging, feel-good content that shows other teams they can be recognised, too.

Not only can you send messages, but you can use forms to gather data on what things work or don’t work, create surveys that gather feedback on any number of things, such as employee culture, shift reports, and more. This builds a culture of recognition where employees aren’t just focused on, but listened to, which makes them feel heard and valued. This makes them more likely to invest in the business and perform at their best.

Use Workplace Recognition To Share Success

Workplace recognition is a way to show that you see the hard work being put in by your teams and that you know how pivotal it is to the business’s success. You can use cards and broadcasts to send messages to teams that arrive on their home screen and highlight when a goal has been met, when someone has gone above and beyond, become employee of the month, or any number of goals that you want to recognise and celebrate with all your staff. OurPeople make it easy to share success, whatever it may be.

Create The Right Workplace Culture

Workplace culture is an important part of any business looking to hire and retain the best staff, and this is what leads to success. If your business doesn’t support and lift your staff, they’ll find an organisation that does. With OurPeople, you can foster the right culture where employees feel heard and valued. This can be done with pulse surveys to gain employee feedback about their work, a particular shift, situation or any number of things. The results are available instantly through the analytics dashboard so you can make decisions on real data.

Employee Recognition Makes Your Staff Feel Valued

OurPeople comes with a number of tools and features that can be used with employee recognition in mind. The content builder lets you create tailored messages for all kinds of reasons, such as celebrating successes, work anniversaries, birthdays and more. With text, images, video, and Gifs, you make it easier for employees to feel valued and cared for, as well as increasing engagement.