Team Management

OurPeople makes team management simple, allowing you to engage with your team the right way from their very first day onwards.

Good team management is not only a benefit to businesses, but it keeps staff feeling positive about their job. This attitude helps increase productivity and, especially with frontline teams, makes sure they are safe and ready for whatever comes their way. This starts with staff onboarding, which sets everyone in a team up for what’s to come.

We know that onboarding new employees plays an important part in setting the tone of the company, its values and what it expects of every team member. A thorough and positive experience will make staff better prepared for what they’ll face and better equip them to work. This means giving them resources and documents needed to start, provide training for their roles and ensure they have ways to communicate with other teams and management.

This doesn’t end after an employee has started their work. Moving to a new team can bring big changes, not only in who people are working with but where, how and what they need to do. Team onboarding can cover these changes in an engaging and seamless way. This is all a part of the wider onboarding management your business needs to have in place, and doing it through a single platform, like OurPeople, means you can keep everything in one place.

Effective Team Management To Improve Productivity

With OurPeople, you can do away with pieces of paper and clunky computer systems with our mobile-first platform that makes team management much simpler. Surveys, files, videos and messages can be delivered straight to the devices your teams use, wherever they are, and our content builder makes communication simple. Create and send messages specific to each team or audience that’s just what they need right from their first day.

Onboarding New Employees

Onboarding new employees doesn’t have to be a chore. OurPeople allows you to create a staff onboarding process that is easy to follow, understand and complete from start to finish. You can include engaging content that makes everything clear to your new starter, share the files and documents they need to read, complete, and use in their role, while the tag system can be set up to make sure the right people are accessing the content you need them to.

Onboarding Management And Beyond

As part of your onboarding management, you can create training courses that staff can work through on the device they use OurPeople on. The modules, lessons, pass percentages, and content can all be created, stored and completed in one place. Alongside the documents and content you have new staff go through, this can be completed for employees to complete at times you determine, so teams have the skills and knowledge they need to succeed while working for your business.