Internal Communication

OurPeople makes it simple to manage internal communication for frontline employees, delivering information and resources when they need it, where they need it.

Finding a simple and effective platform to handle internal communications to teams, and between teams, shouldn’t be tied to a tool that requires a desk or fixed point of entry. This is why OurPeople stands out, as the platform can be accessed on different devices and in various ways to make workplace communication much simpler and more effective.

Understanding the different methods of communication is a sure way to success, as it means you know how to reach the people you need to in the most efficient way, with team communication being a crucial aspect of any business. With a simple tag system that lets you find the people you need to deliver messages to, you can make sure relevant teams get the information they need, and in a format that’s useful to them. This is just one way OurPeople makes internal communication simple.

Knowing that teamwork and communication matters, a platform that allows you and your teams to operate effectively wherever they are frees up time otherwise used to return to a device to check for updates or report on progress. This means your staff can get on with what they need to do and pass critical information on instantly to the people they work with, whether that’s an operational update in a hospital, covering a shift in a retail business, helping a client complete a transaction or signup, and many other tasks.

Acknowledging Internal Communications

Every message sent via the OurPeople platform is tracked, so you can easily see who has seen and acted upon what was sent. Whether that’s a video message, a stack of cards, a document that needs to be read and signed for or a survey that should be filled in, you can trust that your team has what they need to complete their work. It also allows you to identify areas where teams need more support or resources where they aren’t able to act on the content you send.

Team Communications That Encourage Team Members To Engage

Creating content for different teams takes time, we know that. That’s why OurPeople makes everything simpler. With different kinds of content and easy tools to tailor messages to the recipients, you can ensure that what you’re sending is what they need or will get their attention. Combine this with our tagging system and you can make sure only the employees or teams you want to send content to will receive it. This means you’ll see better engagement rates than catch-all emails where only some people will engage.

Making The Most Of Different Methods Of Communication

With different ways to communicate with your employees, including different teams or titles, and the different types of content you can send with your messages, such as video, image, text, quiz, survey and more, you can adapt to different needs and engagement. When a certain type of content does well with a team, you can ensure that’s what you use in the future, and there’s plenty of data you can analyse, such as message engagement, read receipts, actions taken, and more, to help draw your conclusions.