Do you really know which staff are engaging with your content?

The modern workplace is constantly changing, and as a result, so is the way we communicate. Email, Point of Sale systems, Company Newsletters, Intranets and DIY Internal Communications are all commonly used methods of communication, but they can sometimes leave out vital information for non-desk workforces, such as those working in the leisure and hospitality sectors. It can also be difficult to track and report on these forms of communication.


Posted by: Sean Daley

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Staying on brand, keeping your employees engaged and ensuring your whole workforce is connected can be challenging. But with 99% of young people owning a smartphone, why aren’t we taking advantage of this technology in the workplace? It’s time to switch up how we communicate with our employees and get real-time insights on who is engaging with our content. Let’s explore how mobile technology can help you effectively reach and engage more people.

Keeping Track of Communication

Communication is key when managing your team - it’s essential that your team members know what’s expected of them and keep up-to-date with workplace changes. With the OurPeople Platform, you can easily view which content has been seen by Team Members and when they interact with a piece of content.

The OurPeople Platform gives management peace of mind knowing that their messages have been received by their staff. This helps managers feel confident that employees are consistently informed about updates, changes, and other important information, such as health and safety regulations or customer service expectations. This also gives managers the ability to respond quickly to questions from their team if they can see who has read certain pieces of content or interacted with them in some way.

It also records when each team member interacts with a particular piece of content, such as “marking as read” or responding directly via comment or message. The platform then makes this data available for viewing and analysis, giving managers an overview of who has seen what content and when they interacted with it.

Keeping track of communication between management and staff is essential for businesses in all industries, especially in hospitality, leisure, and travel, where team members must be regularly aware of updates. The OurPeople platform makes this process simple and efficient—allowing managers to view which content has been seen by Team Members and when they interact with it—helping them stay organised while ensuring their teams are well-informed.

Streamline Your Staffing

With OurPeople platform, it’s easier than ever to capture data from a wider group of staff. The feature Tags can broadcast information to a specific group of staff who respond. This makes it simple for you to cover shifts quickly using the Cover Card and view who is available – no more missed shifts or classes!

Another great thing about OurPeople Platform is that it allows you to view every interaction – from when a Team member accepts their invitation to join right through to their last login. This means that all activities are tracked and logged so you can access any information you need at any time. Plus, this lets your organisation stay on top of any changes or updates quickly and easily.

OurPeople Platform is designed with hospitality, leisure, and travel businesses in mind – making it easy for them to streamline their staffing process. With features like Tag Broadcasting and Cover Card tracking, teams can cover shifts quickly while staying up-to-date on any organisational changes or updates. If you’re looking for an efficient way to manage your staff, then OurPeople Platform could be the answer!

Export Data Easily and Quickly

The OurPeople Console offers several benefits when it comes to exporting data. Firstly, it’s incredibly easy to use. All you need to do is simply select the type of data you want to export and choose the format that best suits your needs. You can even customise the template of your exported data if needed. And once everything is set up, you have to click “export”, and within a few minutes, your data will be ready for use. All data can be exported from the OurPeople Console into multiple formats PDF, Word, CSV, JSON, HTML, or XML formats — or shared via API.

Additionally, exporting data with our console is incredibly secure and reliable. We employ state-of-the-art security protocols to ensure that only authorised personnel have access to your data at all times. Plus, we store all exported data in highly encrypted servers so that no one else can access it without your explicit permission. This means that any confidential information stored in our console remains safe and secure at all times.

In short, exporting data with OurPeople Console is an efficient and secure way for business owners in the hospitality, leisure and travel industries to manage their customer information quickly and easily — regardless of where they are located or what type of system they are using.


OurPeople is revolutionising how companies engage with their staff, providing a comprehensive mobile technology suite that simplifies communication, boosts engagement, and ensures compliance for workers in any industry. OurPeople is also pioneering an innovative solution for global organisations struggling to connect with their hourly employees who may not have access to computers or corporate email systems. With OurPeople, businesses on every continent can now bridge the gap and ensure effective collaboration with their entire workforce.

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