Communication and engagement app for Retail

Instantly connect with team members who do not have access to email or a computer. Test knowledge and know that your message has been seen. Allow team members to swap shifts and access important files.


Fairmont Hotels
European Wax Centre

Keep everyone in the loop

Managers build and send content that is delivered right to the OurPeople App. Cards appear on the Home Screen front and centre so they are not missed by the employee. Know the message has been seen.


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Team Surveys

Keep your finger on the pulse with simple employee engagement surveys. Broadcast to the team. Receive results in real-time.

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Secure messaging

Securely communicate with colleagues in an App built for the workplace. All your business conversations in one place. Fully automated and all within company control.


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Customer Story: European Wax Center

Read how the European Wax Center uses OurPeople to make sure everyone gets the message at the same time.


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